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If you reading this review you’re probably thinking about using a service called Engineseeker to advertise your business. My intention is to give an honest review on engine seeker since I’ve used the service. Engineseeker is an Internet based marketing company who applies unique strategies to help it's clients achieve online success. Engineseeker members are able to take advantage of some premier marketing tools to build their business for a reasonable price.

The leadership in Engineseeker consists of marketing experts who know a great deal about marketing. The president of the company Chris Magras made his entrance into the world of Direct Response Marketing in the early 1990's when he joined The Aftermarket Company (now the Inpulse Response Group). He worked with, and helped develop successful Direct Response sales campaigns with clients such as Adams Golf, Bose, and Guthy Renker, Tony Robbins and more. During Chris' time at Aftermarket he managed both Inbound and Outbound marketing campaigns, which helped to build Aftermarket into a powerful force in Direct Response Marketing.

What Are Some Of Engineseeker’s Unique Services ?

Fast Traffic – is a service where they will send thousands of real time visitors to your website. Ad Network – Allows you to display ads on your site and they will include your ads on many other sites in their network. Top 10 Listing - Engineseeker main product is they will guarantee you top 10 results on hundreds of independent search engines. The way this works is you create an Ad and choose a number of keywords targeting your niche market. Many other small tools are offered to help engineseeker members in their business. Some of these other tools are Metatag Optimization, Inbound Link Report, Website Popularity and Traffic Statistics.

The Question Is Does Engineseeker Work?

I would recommend anyone to take advantage of some of engineseeker’s products and services. The most important factor is you can’t depend on these services alone to build your business. My 2 cent’s is you have to know how to market in order to maximize your results using the service. For example if you’re seeking a certain type of traffic for your business you must understand keyword research. Your website has to be optimized so you can generate leads for your business. So you will need a lead capture page so you can capture the traffic you get from using engine seeker. These are things people miss when using services like engineseeker. Check out my below video on keyword research.

Today there are so many ways to build your business online with the emergence of social media. Here are some key things I recommend you grasp, branding where you’re positioning yourself as the expert in your niche. There are many ways you can draw traffic to your website using social media. Understanding how market will give you the true firepower you need in your business to dominate. Remember once you obtain the knowledge of marketing it stays with you forever.

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