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Lightyear wireless was founded in 2003 by Sherman Henderson. Lightyear wireless is a premiere company in network marketing. Their service revolves around the telecommunication industry which is a trillion dollar industry. Sherman had the right idea to start a network marketing company, that can provide people with a reasonable service and allow people the opportunity to have their own business.

Lightyear wireless focuses on providing cellphone, residential and broadband services to consumers. Since their technology utilizes Voip (Voice Over IP) you can get incredibly cheap rates which will cost you hundreds at other companies. Everyone today uses a phone and needs communication in their daily lives; with lightyear wireless you can truly build your own profitable business.

Lightyear Wireless is rapidly becoming one of the largest providers of residential, small office and home office communications services around the globe. Lightyear wireless also has a large range of cell phones everything from their own Motorola and Blackberries. The Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity… While some of the major phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T don’t allow you to start your own business, with lightyear wireless you’re presented with a solid business opportunity.

You can earn money off your own phone usage and the usage of others. This is where the opportunity really comes in with Lightyear wireless, when you start to build an actual team. Lightyear wireless pays you a percentage of people you sponsor into the company. When your team sponsors other team members you still get a percentage off who they sponsor. Light year wireless offers true residual income that can last you for lifetime as you continue to build your team.

Lightyear wireless also provides their distributors with many other incentives and bonuses if your team continues to grow. Is Lightyear Wireless A Scam? Today Lightyear wireless has thousands of customers and representative all across the USA. Lightyear wireless is no way,shape or form a scam. In Fact Lightyear wireless is becoming a big name in the telecommunication and network marketing industry. They are a reputable company with amazing services and products.

How Do You Build A Successful Business With Lightyear Wireless?

This is where a lot of people miss the boat. Many people when they join a business opportunity like lightyear wireless they try to build their business with old methods. Some of these methods consist of talking to family and friends, calling up old college buddies or even buying and cold calling leads. The people who are actually having success in lightyear wireless are the ones who learned how to market. You see “Marketing” is the key to maximize any company’s compensation plan. Most people fail to obtain the necessary skills to truly build a solid business. You can’t just rely on talking to family and friends. One of the best places to apply marketing is on the Internet. The internet allows you to build your business globally and save you a lot of time doing it. This is the true formula to success, if you master this you will have no limits to how big you could build your business. Becoming a Marketing Master + Right Business Opportunity = Massive Success. It is that simple. Now the question is where will you stand?

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