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Most people today in multi level marketing don’t have a solid MLM plan. This is part of why 90 percent of people in MLM are failing. I always said that there are a few things you need in order to have a successful MLM business. You need to understand how to market, brand yourself and have a MLM plan.

If you don’t plan you’re weeks or months out your going to be all over the place and probably won’t get much accomplished. Think about any successful offline business such as Mc Donald’s there is a schedule for delivery, when the employees work, different times to cook certain foods etc. If Mc Donald’s had no structure or plan they would not be the success they are today.

The same bolds well for your MLM business you need a plan “Point Blank”. You ever been on your computer trying to market your business but at the end of the day you realized you got nothing accomplished? Uh yes that’s because you had no plan in place. So you spend too much time on things that’s not going to help your MLM business grow.

So How Do You Create A MLM Plan?

Well a good MLM plan should consist of a few things a weekly or monthly schedule and goals. It really doesn’t take a lot to create a good MLM plan it’s just most people don’t do it. Always remember to treat your business like a real business and it will reward you like one. So let’s talk about schedules and goals…

Schedules – You can simply write down the days of the week on notepad, a piece of paper or buy a calendar and list your money making activities everyday of the week. You always want to put on your schedule how much time daily you have to focus on that particular activity. So what makes you money in MLM?

The answer is Marketing and Sponsoring. So let’s say on Monday you work your fulltime job from 9am -5pm, you could schedule to work your MLM business from 8pm -11pm, those 3 hours your going focus on a particular marketing strategy. Then on Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm you’re going to call some of the leads you generated from the marketing you did on Monday. You would want to make a schedule like this for every day of the week you plan to work on your business. This will give you accountability for your business and you will find yourself accomplishing activities that are helping your business actually grow.

Goals – Goals are the driving factor for any good MLM plan. You need goals because they give you vision and a sense of urgency to mark progress in your business. If you have no goals you won’t have a constant reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish. Think about people running a marathon, if they had no idea where the finish line was and the prize they would receive, do you think they still will run the race with all their effort? I doubt it. The same goes for your business goals give you crystal clear focus.

I find that short term goals in increments of 90 days work well. So some goals you can set for your MLM business are income goals, lead generating goals, team goals etc. Goals also give you a measuring stick of what’s working in your business and what’s not. This allows you to make improvements on things that will give better results. Ok let’s talk about the last thing that makes this MLM plan complete… “Focus” if you’re not focused in applying and following out your MLM plan you won’t get results.

What if you were working on a job, do you think your boss would let you slack off for weeks at a time? Of course not, so you shouldn’t for your business always keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused on your MLM plan.

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