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Is Nuskin Enterprises A Scam?


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Today NuSkin Enterprises is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, and its products are sold in 48 markets throughout the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The company's stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Nu Skin Enterprises offers distinct business opportunities specializing in consumer products and services sold through direct sales.

NuSkin Enterprises markets personal care products, nutritional products and technology products. Nuskin with one of the largest markets in the network marketing industry is definitely not a scam by no means. Nuskin is run by a great team of directors. Blake Roney is the CEO of nuskin he is a leader in the industry. Blake was identified as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Utah by Utah Business magazine. No one wonder why Nuskin has so many distributors world wide. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a solid business that’s pays so well? Nuskin has a wide range of products consist of face care, body care, hair care and even spas for your skin. Nuskin has 700,000 distributors across the globe including China.

The Skinny On Nuskin Enterprises Compensation Plan.

Nuskins compensates there active distributors two main ways. Nuskin pays through retail marketups on sales products purchased at wholesale prices. Secondly Nuskin will pay you for the sales of people in your downline. This makes for a lucrative compensation plan. Nuskin in 2008 has paid out over 500 million to active distributors globally.


How Do You Build A Profitable Business With Nuskin Enterprises?

With most network marketing companies like Nuskin you have the opportunity to earn a lifetime of wealth. The problem why so people don’t see or get the results they want is because they lack the marketing skills. See the problem is in this industry you have to know how to market to be successful.

Most distributors when they start a home based business they use ineffective strategies to build it. Some of the strategies consist of talking to family and friends, hotel meetings and buying leads. You can’t rely on old school strategies to build a business like Nuskin.

In fact it is the quickest way to frustration and ultimately failure. The best way to build your business today is using the internet. With the internet you have the opportunity to build your business globally. You can generate your own leads and implement a system that allows you to build your business with less effort. So the key to having a successful business venture with any business in this industry is simple” Obtain The Marketing Skills You Need”. The top producers in any company have spent time mastering these concepts and you can to.





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