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Oriflame was founded in Sweden in 1967 by Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. Oriflame is leading the pack in the home business arena. Oriflame today is one of the fastest growing direct selling beauty companies. They are present in 61 countries, of which they are the market leader in more than half. Oriflame offers a wide range of high-quality beauty products as well as a unique opportunity to join their sales force and start your own business. Oriflame being in 61 countries gives you the opportunity to build your business globally.


Oriflame is on target to become the world’s leading direct sales cosmetics company. Oriflame was one of the first companies to utilize plant extracts in skincare products and to use ingredients from renewable plant sources. In fact many of Oriflame products are derived from fruits, flowers and plants. The founders of Oriflame are visionaries and lead with core values which are contributed to the company’s overall success. Here are just some brief facts about this company:

  • 1.3 billion Euros in annual sales
  • approximately 3.1 million Consultants
  • 7 500 employees
  • 900 products annually
  • Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation.
  • Global R&D centre with more than 100 scientists
  • 5 own production units in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India
  • Listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange since March 2004
  • Products based on natural ingredients, never tested on animals
  • Operations in 61 countries of which 13 franchisees

How Does Oriflame Compensate Their Business Consultants? Oriflame has a lucrative compensation plan.In addition to the earnings on your own and your group sales, they also offer cash bonuses and different incentive programs to consultants who reach specific targets each year. As your business is growing you will get the opportunity to go on international trips and participate in high profile conferences together with other Oriflame Consultants.

How Does One Build A Successful Oriflame Business?

This is the most important question because if you don’t know how to build your business you won’t benefit. Oriflame is an amazing opportunity but you need to know how to market and create duplication on your team. There are many key factor you must understand to be successful. You need to learn how to generate endless prospects on a daily basis for your business. Branding yourself is key because you can’t rely on the products to sell itself. Think about everyone in Oriflame has the same replicate website. How will you stand out? What is it going to take for people to join your team instead of one of the other million consultants in the Oriflame? You see the problem is many people just join business opportunities but never learn how to market. Marketing is the most important factors that will contribute to your success in Oriflame. Honestly there is no better way to market your business then leveraging the power of the internet. So focus on marketing, team duplication and there will be no business where you can’t be successful.

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