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The buzz is back but this time is it for real or another dud? I’ve seen in my time in network marketing energy drink companies come and go. Today we are going to talk about Pur3x a new energy drink company, launched in 2010. Now I don’t know about you but Pure Energy Club (Pur3x) has success written all over. This is not your normal fly by night energy drink company.


Pur3x was founded by Andrew Rinehart a gentlemen with massive business and sales experience. Andrew has a passion for building quality businesses that benefit the masses. Pur3x is now a growing company in network marketing. Their flagship product is called Pure. Pure is a energy drink that provides massive benefits for their consumers. Pure is not your normal energy. This drink can have you dunking like “Lebron James” well not literally but it provides a great energy boost. Pure is a drink that has many health benefits. Pure consist of vitamins A,B,E ,minerals, antioxidants and has supplements to boost your immune system. Pure energy drink also has the rare exotic acai berry and other key ingredients. The pure energy drink is unique and very tasteful. Now you can understand why this Pur3x is not your average juice company.

How Does Pur3x Pay Their Distributors?

Pur3x has a yet simple but effective compensation plan. You can establish a lifelong residual income with Pur3x. Pure energy club pays you 12 levels deep and unlimited levels wide. This means you can sponsor how many people you want and get paid a massive amount of residual. Depending on the amount of distributors on your team, Pur3x will pay you anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00 for each distributor, in monthly residual income.

How Do You Sponsor A Big Team In Pur3x?

Once they realize most of their family and friends don’t join they start harassing everyone else they know. You see the bottom line is, if you join a network marketing company you need to understand the second word in network marketing. Yes “Marketing” if you don’t know how to market and generate your own leads your business will go nowhere. This doesn’t matter what company you join. You need these skills to be successful. The best place to build your business is leveraging the power of the internet. You need to learn how to you can have people to talk on a daily basis about your business. In most network marketing companies they give you a replicated website. So how will you stand out from all of the other distributors in your company? Why would someone want to join you over them? You have to also learn how to brand yourself and stand out. You see most people fail in network marketing because they never truly learn these crucial skills. The big players and people who dominate any company they chose, have a simple formula. This formula is Desire to succeed + The right marketing skills = success. That’s it. The next question is how will you move forward?

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