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Reliv International was founded over 20 years ago in 1988. Reliv is an established network marketing company providing individuals to make as much money as they desire.Reliv was founded by Bob Montgomery. Before Reliv, Bob has help build an insurance company to reach 250 million in sales before he retired at the age of 38. Bob’s vision to build a solid company in network marketing forced him out of retirement. The opportunity to provide people with a solid product and way to make money was to good to pass on.

Today Reliv is located in 14 countries. This is a company where you can truly build a global business. Reliv is located in US,UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico just to name a few. Reliv International products focus on providing nutrition and minerals for the body. People all over the world use reliv to help provide the energy they need to get through the day. Reliv products provide solutions for joint health, kid health, weight loss, heart health, anti aging and energy and performance.

Making Money with Reliv International Reliv being part of network marketing means someone like you can create a great opportunity for yourself. Reliv pays their distributors 5 ways.

Retail Income – Products you sell to customers

Wholesale Income – Products sold through Your Team

Overrides – Residual income earned from leaders you develop On Your Team

Cash Bonuses And Trips – Incentives to Enhance Your Lifestyles

Ambassador Program – More Bonuses for Help Others Succeed.

Is Reliv A Scam? Reliv has offices in over 14 countries, thousands of distributors world wide and been around for over 20 years. There is no way Reliv is a scam. Reliv is one of the most reputable companies in network marketing.

How Do You Build A Successful Business In Reliv International? With most network marketing companies like

Reliv you have the opportunity to earn a lifetime of wealth. The problem why so people don’t see or get the results they want is because they lack the marketing skills. See the problem in this industry you have to know how to market to be successful. Most distributors when they start a home based business they use ineffective strategies to build it. Some of the strategies consist of talking to family and friends, hotel meetings and buying leads. You can’t rely on old school strategies to build a business like Reliv. In fact it is the quickest way to frustration and ultimately failure. The best way to build your business today is using the internet. With the internet you have the opportunity to build your business globally. You can generate your own leads and implement a system that allows you to build your business with less effort. So the key to having a successful business venture with any business in this industry is simple” Obtain The Marketing Skills You Need”. The top producers in any company have spent time mastering these concepts and you can to.

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