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The MLM industry is a beautiful industry. It’s really the only industry where an average “Joe” like me and you can make six or seven figures a year. There are more millionaires created in MLM than any other industry. During the time when the economy is suffering the MLM industry is “Booming”.

There is someone joining a MLM business every 53 seconds. By the time I finish writing this article there would have been 100 new fresh people just joined the MLM Industry. My question to you is why over 90 percent of the people in MLM are failing? Well there are a number reasons why people are failing. Some people just want the rewards without the work. I really don’t understand how someone thinks they can make 5 figures a month without any consistent hard work. That’s really laughable.

One of the major reasons I find why people also fail is because they lack the education and knowledge they need to build a successful MLM business. Honestly this is all summed up in one word they don’t know how to “Market”. Over 90 percent of people in MLM are seriously lacking effective “Marketing Training”. I see so many people relying on methods that won’t bring them success in their business.

They are buying leads cold calling, prospecting strangers, bugging family and friends if you think Donald Trump build business empires this way you’re sadly mistaken. What I want you to keep in mind, once you have the education and marketing knowledge you need you can build any business. It wouldn’t matter if your product was “Blue Cheese” from the planet Jupiter.

How Do I Sponsor More Prospects in Less Time… So in the next part of this article I will break down some key concepts you need to grasp in order to sponsor more reps in less time. These are the same Top MLM strategies anyone who seeing success in MLM are using. You let this information soak into your mind ASAP.

Sponsoring more reps in less time begins with learning how to truly leverage the power of the internet. Since the internet is so vast and has over a billion users it would be very smart to utilize this tool the right way. This doesn’t mean joining a social network like Facebook and pitching your business.

This brings me into the first concept…

Stop Pitching Your Business – If you want to truly build a MLM you have to understand you can’t pitch your business to any and everyone. See people bring their offline strategies online and they simply just don’t work. You have to learn how to bring value to market place. You have to give without want and you will get all you want. This is the nature of network marketing.

Branding – Most MLM business have one thing in common, every distributor, rep or business associate gets the same website. If you don’t take anything else from what I write in this article you must understand this. People will only do business with who they know like and trust. So you must brand yourself and market you and your business will explode. You have to stand out from the rest of the people in your company. Implementing this one step alone will have you sponsoring more reps in less time.

Lead Generation – I said it a million times before and will say it again. Lead generation is the life blood of your business. If you don’t have quality prospects to talk to on a daily basis about your business, you might as well quit now. You have to learn how to generate leads. Lead generation simply comes from your marketing. Understanding how to put your valuable information in front of people who’s looking for it.

Targeted Prospects – This is so important is makes no sense trying to market to people who doesn’t want what you have. You must know who your target market is and understand how to bring value to them.

Lead Capture Pages & Auto responders – If you’re marketing generating quality traffic from multiple sources you must capture this traffic. You want to know how people put their business on autopilot? They simply use lead captures pages to capture the traffic and auto responders to follow up.

List Building – The money is definitely in the list. You can sponsor people on autopilot, building lasting relationships and market to your list. You even wonder how someone can join an opportunity and in a month be at the top of their company? It’s all because they been capturing traffic from their marketing and building a list through their auto responder. Imagine you’ve been marketing for years using this strategy; you would have thousands of targeted prospects on your list and could sponsor people in days sometimes even minutes.

Laser Targeted Focus – If you don’t focus you won’t build a business worth while. To sponsor people and generating the amazing income in MLM you must focus. This means being committed to your marketing and your business as a whole. If you don’t treat your business like a business if will never ever reward you like one. If you can start implementing some of these concepts today, you will literally start sponsoring more people in less time in no time. Try saying that three times as fast. What are you going to do next? Sit on the sidelines or take action.

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