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Xango is a premiere nutritional company in the network marketing industry. Xango was founded in 2002 by Joe and Gordon Morton two brothers with a common goal. The goal they had in mind was to make a company that will provide people with a great business opportunity and product.

Xango flagship product is Mangosteen Juice. The mangosteen juice provides unmatched flavor and premium nutritional support for any who uses the product. With a flag ship product and great opportunity for people to generate massive income has really put Xango on the map.

Xango has created a dominate brand, they have established many other products, skincare products, meal packs and other nutritional juices. Is Xango A Scam? Xango has a proven track record to pay their distributors and with a solid product, they are far from a scam. Xango is a reputable company with distributors all across the United States. Xango even has a magazine that recognizes their top distributors.

How Does Xango Pay Their Distributors? Xango has a solid compensation plan, anyone who's serious about making a fulltime income or more can do so with Xango. I personally love companies like Xango that provides their distributors with such an opportunity. Xango pays their distributors through retail sales, power start bonuses, and quarterly bonuses pools. If you have the desire and focus you can do big things in Xango.

How Does Someone Attract An Unlimited Amount Of People To Their Team?


Well just like any network marketing company Xango pays you by how many people you sponsor. If you don’t know how to build a team you can never maximize Xango’s compensation plan. Most people who join companies like Xango miss the boat because they don’t know how to market. If you’re serious about having success in any company you need to learn how to attract people to you. This is done by mastering marketing techniques and understanding how to leverage the power of the internet. A key component in attracting people to you is learning how to brand yourself. All the distributors in Xango has the same replicated website. How will you stand out? The answer is branding. Branding your name and showing people who you are.

When you understand the concept of branding and learn how to market you will literally dominate any company’s compensation plan. So your focus should be to understand how to market and attract people to you and your business. Only then will you experience true success.


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