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Xowii is a new network marketing company just launched the end of 2009. The president of Xowii is James Christiansen a person with massive experience in the direct selling industry. His mission with Xowii is to have a sound product that benefits people health wise and provides a lucrative business opportunity.

Xowii does just that with two flagship products Xowii Energy and Xowii Thin. Both drinks are tasteful filled with different health benefits for their consumers. While there are many energy drink companies in the network marketing industry, Xowii is looking to lead the pack. There mission is simple they are committed to developing leading products and seeks to provide a life changing opportunity for financial security, lifestyle freedom and community among its members.

A Closer Look At Xowii Products…

Xowii Energy – Most energy drinks that on the market only provide a quick boost for a limited time because of the use of sugar and artificial caffeine. Xowii energy provides an energy boost based off an antioxidant called KonaRed. The KonaRed Coffee Cherry, an emerging superfruit teeming with antioxidants and other powerful nutrients for increased energy, improved nutrition and enhanced health.

Xowii Thin - is an all-natural weight control product that can suppress appetite, increase metabolism and promote healthy weight loss. It also features the KonaRed Coffee Cherry.

Xowii Thin also features several ingredients with known properties conducive to healthy weight loss, and its high ORAC score adds further support for antioxidant protection and overall wellness.

Is Xowii A Scam? Xowii is not a scam. In fact they are a reputable company that provides their distributors with a great opportunity to create financial freedom in their lives. Xowii also has unique products which truly benefits their consumers.

Xowii Compensation Plan... XOWii’s Comp Plan is front loaded to ensure new distributors receive quick and easy bonuses and commissions The Fast Start plan that is designed to get the newest members of your team started. It’s a goal that allows distributors to break even pretty fast in their business. As you grow, the other plan elements will reward your hard work and determination. The XOWii commission and bonus elements include:

  • check match commissions
  • lucrative Bonus Pools
  • executive level Cash Bonuses
  • Car Allowances
  • exciting Rewards Programs

How Can You Build A Solid Business With Xowii? This is where a lot of distributors miss the boat. Many people when they join a business opportunity like Xowii they try to build their business with old methods. They rely on methods like talking to family and friends, calling up old college buddies or even buying and cold calling leads. If want to truly be successful in Xowii you must learn how to market.

You see “Marketing” is the key to maximize any company’s compensation plan. Most people fail to obtain the necessary skills to truly build a solid business. You can’t just rely on talking to family and friends. One of the best places to apply marketing is on the Internet.

The internet allows you to build your business globally and save you a lot of time doing it. This is the true formula to success, if you master this you will have no limits to how big you could build your Xowii business. Becoming a Marketing Master + Right Business Opportunity = Massive Success. It is that simple. Now the question is where will you stand?

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